Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Inline CO2 Diffuser

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Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Inline CO2 Diffuser



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The new 13 mm inline diffuser has a 25 mm (1 inch) diameter diffuser disc at the center encased within a glass chamber. Unlike many other inline reactors, the inline diffuser disperses CO2 with minimal reduction in flowrate. The input and output ports connect to 1/2" diameter tubing. Recommended for aquariums up to 55 gallons. The unit also has two built-in attachment points for detachable suction cups and can be securely attached to the side of the tank. Supplied with two suction cups.

CO2 diffusers no longer need to be inside your aquarium! For the first time, CAL AQUA LABS offers a CO2 diffuser that attaches inline to your canister outflow, concealing it from view of your aquarium. Attaching the diffuser inline has a number of benefits:

  • One less equipment inside your aquarium
  • Enhance CO2 dissolution via turbulent mixing
  • Minimal reduction in flow compared to many CO2 reactors
  • Small and compact size
  • Creates a fine mist of CO2 shown by many to further enhance plant growth
  • Reduce photosynthetic algae growth on diffuser disc when placed away from direct light (ie. outside of tank or inside tank cabinet)
  • Active flow around diffuser prevents debris buildup on diffuser disc

Installation Instructions

  • Install the diffuser in the outflow line of the canister filter according to the diagram below. The diffuser can be attached up high next to the aquarium, or down below inside the cabinet. Use a high-quality check-valve.

  • CO2 from a pressurized source is recommended
  • Always wet glass surfaces before fitting tubing. Tubing can be soften by dipping in hot water.
  • To prevent damage to glassware, do not use excessive force when fitting or removing tubing. We strongly recommend using soft silicone tubing for all glassware.
  • Do not shake or tap the diffuser against hard surfaces
  • To clean, immerse the diffuser unit in bleach solution until clean and rinse thoroughly

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