Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Influx X1 Nano Inflow

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- Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Influx X1 Inflow

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Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Influx X1 Inflow

Cal Aqua Labs’ Fluxus System consists of an Influx pipe transporting water from the aquarium to an external filter, and an Efflux pipe bringing clean water from the filter back to the aquarium. Both pieces are made with the highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and artistically hand-blown.


Influx Inflow

The Influx pipe carries water from the aquarium down to the canister filter. Cal Aqua Labs’ unique design places intake slits across wider distances on the stem. As a result, it pulls in water from multiple depths spanning a wider range of the water column. This improves water circulation and allows particles suspended higher in the water column to readily enter the tube to the filter.


Influx X1 (13mm)

 The Influx X1 is designed for aquariums approximately 15-25 cm (6-10″) in height such as the ADA Mini-S and Mini-M. The inflow can be used with canister filters with 1/2″ diameter tubing such as the Eheim 2215. The total length of the inflow is approximately 15 cm from top to bottom and has multiple narrow slits towards the bottom end. Each inflow is supplied with one suction cup to secure it to the side of the aquarium.

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