Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Efflux F2 Outflow

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Cal Aqua Labs 13mm Efflux F2 Outflow



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The Efflux F2 has a 13 mm tube diameter for 1/2" tubing and carries a downward-angled funnel. The width between the arch is approximately 4.3 cm. It is designed for aquariums 20 gallons and larger that use 1/2" tubing for the canister filter outflow. Each F2 Efflux pipe is supplied with two suction cups.

The Efflux outflow pipe carries the unique downward-angled funnel design to provide increased water movement to lower parts of the aquarium. This reduces stagnation points and improves gas and nutrient exchange for low and midground plants

The funnel can be conveniently raised slightly above the waterline to create gentle surface movement which will eliminate surface film without aerating the water, and hence reduce CO2 loss. To aerate, simply life the funnel slightly higher.

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