Brightwell Aquatics Potassion-P 600g

Brightwell Aquatics

- Brightwell Aquatics Potassion-P 600g

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Potassium Supplement primarily for reef aquaria housing SPS corals

  • Blend of high-purity powdered potassium, an important component of aragonite (the mineral secreted as skeletal material by corals and other reef-building marine organisms), complexed into pigments that enhance blue coloration of some small-polyp stony corals, important to proper neurological function, and depleted in marine aquaria by livestock.
  • May be used to combat potassium depletion that often accompanies the use of zeolite-based filtration methods employed to maintain ultra-low-nutrient aquaria.
  • Considerably stronger and more economical than liquid potassium solutions; created for hobbyists maintaining multiple reef aquaria.
  •  Formulated by a marine scientist.


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