Brightwell Aquatics Iodion 250ml

Brightwell Aquatics

- Brightwell Aquatics Iodion 250ml

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Advanced Iodide Supllement for all Marine Fish & Reef Aquaria

  • Highly-concentrated, extended activity iodide solution.
  • Provides iodide, which is important to hermatypic corals and other invertebrates harboring zooxanthellae, macroalgae, and also to the health of fishes.
  • Stronger than most competing products.
  • The nature of iodide sources used makes Iodion more effective than standard 
  • iodide-solutions.
  • Suitable for use by aquarium hobbyists of all skill and experience levels.
  • Composed of purified water and ultra-high purity materials.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.


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