Benibachi Crimson Bee Ball


Benibachi Crimson Bee Ball



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Benibachi Crimson Bee Ball

Red Bee ball (10 balls) – each ball is approximately 23-25 g

Absorbs and neutrilises substances which cause of ammonia nitrogen in water and blue-green algae.
Porous composition adsorb harmful substances in the water!
Contains more than 30 kinds of minerals, improves molting and uncubation.

Crimson Bee Balls  is a Masterful supplement from BENIBACHI created on the basis of long-term experience and knowledge.

Crimson Bee Balls work safely for up to 2 years! This is the most versatile, yet easy to use product with an extraordinary performance.

Crimson Bee Balls offers the following actions

  • Long-term and permanently adsorb harmful substances to its porous structure
  • Removes ammonia, nitric acid and substances which are precursors to cyanobacteria
  • Releases to water in the process of mineralization of over 30 different ingredients
  • Improves molting
  • Improves breeding
  • Reduces stress and dropping eggs by female
  • Stabilises the pH and limits its jumping
  • Absorb and mineralise up to 2 years!


  • The standard CRIMSON BEE BALL in the amount of 7-10 balls enough for tank with a length of 45 to 60 cm.
  • In the case of the jumping pH, a strong decrease in pH, high mortality, use 50% more balls.
  • The balls must be placed directly on the ground or in the filter.
  • The weight of one sphere is about 25 g.


The main ingredients are (very rare varieties minerals, tourmalines, Ferrites and Elvan), other minerals

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