Aqua One MiniReef 150 Black

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Aqua One MiniReef 150 Marine Set 150L Black



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Aqua One MiniReef 150 Black

The Aqua One MiniReef 150 is a complete reef aquarium system, consisting of high quality accessories that provide an ideal habitat for marine fish and corals. The Sump Filtration System (located in the sleek high gloss cabinet) keeps equipment out of sight, providing optimum viewing conditions for your personal slice of underwater life.

Features & Benefits:

  • MiniReef 150 Includes:

          - High quality low iron white glass

          - MariGlow 25W LED Light Unit #59144

          - Sump Filter with top up reservoir

          - AquaFill Auto top up unit #50101

          - G216 Protein Skimmer #50023

          - Filter Sock #50102

          - 200W Glass Heater #11306

          - Moray 2300 Return Pump #11354

          - High Gloss Aquarium Cabinet

          - Glass lids

  • Inbuilt filtration system eliminates unsightly piping running from outside of tank to filter unit. Comes with an Aqua One Filter Sock.
  • The included protein skimmer is designed to easily and effectively remove organic waste from aquarium water. The needle impeller increases the contact area maximising efficiency. Simple accurate control allows you to adjust the output quickly and easily. The result is cleaner, clearer and healthier aquarium inhabitants.
  • The included light unit provides an energy efficient lighting solution, which enhances the colours of fish in the aquarium, whilst providing a spectrum that enhances coral growth. The light bracket is adjustable.
  • High quality low iron white glass to ensure optimum clarity.
  • The overflow has a black acrylic cover with lasered overflow grill. The tank has a black vinyl laminate on back to enhance tank depth and hide unsightly cords.
  • Sump incorporates refugium section and top up reservoir.
  • All plumbing included.
  • Dimension :55Lx55Dx55 80 cmH

Suitable for: Marine & Coral Reef

1+1 Year Guarantee

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