Aqua One Electronic Thermometer ST3

Aqua One

Aqua One Electronic Thermometer ST3

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Aqua One Electronic Thermometer


Aqua One LCD Electronic Thermometer provides a digital reading outside of your aquarium.

Features :

  • Easy and accurate reading
  • Can measure both celcius and fahrenheit
  • Simple operation
  • Locate outside of your aquarium for easy access

Directions :

  • Open the battery cover and insert the battery(provided) +side up
  • Using the suction cup, attach the display unit to the outside of the aquarium
  • Submerge the probe into the water in the aquarium
  • Do not submerge the display unit, only the probe is water resistant
  • To preserve the battery life, press the FSW button for three second to power off or remove the battery
  • To power on, press the FSW button

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

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