Aqua Medic Plankton Light Reactor

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Aqua Medic Plankton Light Reactor



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Aqua Medic Plankton Light Reactor

The plankton light reactor is a simple system for producing microalgae which can be fed directly to many filter feeding invertebrates and especially zoo plankton. 

Within the plankton light reactor microalgae are produced with light, fertilizer and CO2. 

If the supply of light and nutrients is continuous, the biomass of the algae increases four fold within 24 hours. 

Both fresh and salt water species of algae can be cultivated. 

The microalgae can also be used for raising Brine Shrimp with full growth achieved in 10-14 days. 

Contents: Plankton Light Reactor (2.5ltr), wall bracket, connections for air pump, lighting unit including tube and reflector, fixing clamps. 


  • Diameter: 80mm 
  • Length: 800mm 
  • Hose connection: 4/6mm

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