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Aqua Medic Ozone 25



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Aqua Medic Ozone 25

The injection of ozone can improve the efficiency of protein skimmers and also raises the redox potentioal (ORP). 

Ozone enhances the decomposition of nitrite, reduces bacteria and helps against parasites. 

The addition of ozone in the protein skimmer will also remove the yellowing in seawater. 

The latest technology uses less energy and cleaning the reaction surfaces is very simple. 

The Ozone 25 produces up to 25mg/hr in dry air. 

Humidity of 50% will reduce ozone output by approximately half. 

We recommend an ozone output of 10mg/hr per 100ltrs in marine aquariums. 

The application of ozone can be automated with the use of an Aqua Medic mV computer. 

The use of an air dryer such as the Aqua Medic Ozone Booster is recommended for maximum ozone output. 

Package contains: Ozone 25, power supply and instructions. 

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