Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor NR400

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Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor NR400

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Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor NR400

The Aqua Medic Nitratreductor NR 400 is a completely sealed biological filter. It is operated at a very low flow rate so that an oxygen free environment is created where naturally occurring bacteria reduce nitrate to harmless nitrogen gas. The filter can be installed in almost any position, inside or outside the aquarium or the cabinet. The water flow is provided by connecting to a standard canister filter, power head or by pass circuit. After maturing, the filter can keep the nitrate concentration in a normally loaded aquarium up to 400 litres at a very low level. The filter medium – Deniballs – is consumed and requires replacement in 9 to 12 months dependant on load. For optimum control we recommend the filter be used in conjunction with an Aqua Medic mV controller or an Aqua Medic mV computer. The filter is already equipped to accept our specific pressurised electrode. Dimensions - without electrode (l x w x h): 14.4 x 10 x 37 cm (c. 5.8”x 4” x 14.5”)

Accessories: Denimar powder and Deniballs to feed the anaerobic bacteria

Pressure resistant mV (Redox or ORP) probe - short - with PG13.5 threaded connection

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