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- Aqua Medic Multi Reactor L 650ml

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Aqua Medic Multi Reactor L 650ml

The Multi Reactor L is a pump operated acrylic reactor/filter for mounting inside the aquarium or filter sump. 

  • Suitable for freshwater or seawater aquariums. 
  • Motorised reactor for media such as carbon, antiphos Fe, zeolite, etc.
  • Multireactor M holds approx 650ml media
  • For use in the aquarium or sump filter
  • Highly efficient filtration due to high flow through your chosen filter media
  • Adjustable water flow
  • High-quality, precision made using quality acrylic
  • Very simple maintenance due to removable filling tub , the filter housing can remain in the aquarium for refilling and maintenance
  • Space-saving installation in the aquarium or sump filter with internal pump.
  • Low maintenance double O-ring seal.
  • Universal application by using various filter media such as activated carbon (carbolit), phosphate absorber (antiphos FE), zeolithes, fine filter, etc. (filter media not included)
  • Incl. pump and flexibly adjustable mounting system


  • Aquarium capacity: up to 800ltrs 
  • Filling capacity: 650ml 
  • Pump output: 450l/h 
  • Pump specification: 12V/5watt 
  • Power supply: 240v/50Hz 
  • Overall Reactor L dimensions (Approx.): 
  • Length: 100mm 
  • Width: 100mm 
  • Height: 465mm

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