Aqua medic Aquamedic Eco Runner Marine Pump

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Aqua Medic DC Runner 1.2 Controllable Pump

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Aqua Medic DC Runner 1.2 Controllable Pump



  • For use as a circulation or current pump in salt or freshwater aquaria
  • Incl. controller for adjusting the water output
  • 0–10 V-connection for external control
  • Rugged pump housing
  • Power-saving D/C motor 24 Volt, high efficiency
  • Polished ceramic shaft and bearings for quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Submerged and non-submerged use is possible


Technical Specifications:

  • Output: 8 step adjustable up to 1,200l/h.
  • Max. Head: 1.5m / Max. Power: 12w
  • Includes filter basket.
  • Hose connection - Inlet: 25mm
  • Hose connection - Outlet: 20mm
  • Dimensions: L125 x W60 x H85mm


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