Aquael Gravel & Glass Cleaner Small


Aquael Gravel & Glass Cleaner Small



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Aquael Gravel & Glass Cleaner Small - 26cm

An original, easy-to-use gravel cleaner (desilter) additionally equipped with a handy wall cleaner. The device consists of a high cylindrical column made of high-quality transparent plastic and a long tube made of deflection-resistant rubber. It is equipped with the Easy Start system.

To set the device in operation, just immerse its column into the tank and quickly move it up and down. Animal waste products, parts of plant leaves, food debris, sludge, and other impurities accumulated in the substrate will be removed with the outflow of water. A plastic strainer inside the tube stops gravel from getting in. At the same time, the device is completely safe for fish. But that is not all: at the outlet of the tube, there is an attachment in the shape of a wall cleaner made of hard plastic. It can be used to easily remove ugly algae from the tank walls.

The algae will be immediately sucked into the device and removed from the aquarium. In this way, you can also get rid of the annoying scraps of algae floating in the water. This new device combines simplicity of design with excellent functionality. 

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