API Proper pH 8.2


API Proper pH 8.2

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API Proper pH 8.2

Proper pH powder is a pH buffer that automatically raises or lowers pH and stabilizes it at the pre-set level. Because it is a true buffer, Proper pH will automatically adjust and hold the pH at 6.5., 7.0, 7.5 and 8.2. 

Proper pH 8.2 is a carbonate/bicarbonate buffer formulated for use in saltwater aquariums and with African cichlids. 

The Proper pH formulas are more than pH adjusters; they are pH buffers. pH buffers are formulated to “lock in” the pH at a predetermined pH level. pH buffers compensate for fluctuations in pH, automatically adjusting the pH to the predetermined level. 

  • sets and stabilizes pH to 8.2
  • ideal for Saltwater, Brackish and African Cichlid aquariums
  • resists pH rebound


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