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ADA ECA 50ml

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ADA ECA 50ml

  • ECA contains rich iron and organic acid promoting the nutrient absorption process of plants. It is highly recommended for treating color-loss of plants.

ECA (Efficient Complex Acid) is a liquid additive for planted aquariums, containing natural organic acid and iron in a liquid form to be absorbed easily by aquatic plants.

Organic acid enhances the absoprtion of iron by the plant and prevents the whitening of new buds and waning of leaf color. It also serves to stimulate the development of new buds by activating variuos enzymes relevant to the metabolism of aquatic plants. 


To prevent whitening of aquatic plants and improves the reddish stem plants, add 2 drops of ECA per 5l of aquarium water (24 drops for 60cm aquarium). It is effective if supplied once a day for a few days.

For preventing the whitening of aquatic plants or enhancing the growth of aquatic plants, add 1 drop of ECA per 20l of aquarium water(3 drops for 60cm aquarium)everyday.

In order for supplement Potassium and trace elements, we advise the combined usage of Brighty K and Green Brighty Step 1.

In case of Proffesional bottle, please calculate the appropriate amount of supply with following formula. 24 drops of ECA 50ml bottle=1ml


  • ECA turns the aquarium water brownish for a period after dosage. This is due to the component of ECA and this is normal.
  • It is recommendable to add ECA to aquariums in which algae is rampant, although ECA itself does not cause algae growth,
  • Too much Irin accumulated in an aquarium, may damage the aquatic plants. Change water regularly (1/3 of the water once in a week) while ECA is being used.



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