A2F Coral Cutter - Double Spring


A2F Coral Cutter - Double Spring



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A2F Coral Cutter - Double Spring

Stainless Double  Spring Coral Cutter Professional Aquatic Tools

Addicted2Fish Premium surgical grade stainless steel Double Spring Coral Cutters are primarily designed for use in marine aquariums but can be used in freshwater as well. The blades are of surgical quality and are able to cut through thick coral with ease. The smaller scissors are particularly helpful in small or nano tanks where larger tools are difficult to use and manoeuvre.

They are ideal for fragging or otherwise trimming corals as necessary to maintain shape and overall aesthetics of your scape.

To ensure longetivity, please rinse the tools in freshwater and dry throughly after each use.

Addicted2fish premium aquatic tools are made for the aquarium enthusiast wanting quality products.

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