Aqua Medic Blenny Review


This review is from a Aquaristic Staff member, Charlie Brian.

As a user of the Aqua medic Blenny, I feel like I should share my experiences with these great little all in one tanks.
The tanks come as a complete unit, and have a total volume of 80L, which for the majority of people is all they need for a small marine/reef system. This capacity allows you to hold a few small reef fish with a diverse system of coral and live rock.

The basics of the system are as follows:
Aqua Medic Blenny Tank customer tank set up
The tanks are 80L, measuring 40cmL X 50cmW and 40cmH. They come with 3 sides of Opticlear glass, and the quality of the silicone and glasswork is superb.

On the back of the tank, separated from the front an acrylic background cuts off 10cm of the width for an equipment system.  All the equipment you need to operate a successful reef aquarium comes with the tank, apart from a small heater that can be purchased separately and fitted into the back, out of the way of your line of sight.

The Aqua medic Turbo Floater 500 Skimmer comes with the tank, and sits nicely on a glass baffle that raises it up to optimum skimming level in the tank. This skimmer is oversized on such a small tank, but acts as a failsafe in the event of large nitrogenous waste spikes (Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite).

The Aqua Medic NanoProp 5000 Circulation pump also fits nicely into the back section of the tank, with a small hole to allow for it to help draw water through the skimmer compartment. The circulation pump features 4 changeable intensities, and can easily accommodate a range of coral species.

The lighting consist of 3 Aqua medic Sun Spot 9W units, giving a total of 27Watts of LED over the tank. They are held up by attractive mounting brackets that don’t take away from the clean look of the rimless designed tank. The lights are roughly a 14,000-Kelvin rating; feature 3 Blue 3W LED, and 6 White 3W LED. The stock light will accommodate most all species of soft coral and large polyp stony coral (LPS), but if you plan to add small polyp stony coral (SPS), these must be placed under direct light, or the light wouldn’t be sufficient.

The Aqua medic is designed to be run as a system that employs live rock as its major source of biological filtration, which in reality is how every reef in the world, is filtered. By selecting good quality live rock to have in the display section of the tank, you will be able to filter the tank without any other biological media. The only other source of filtration that may need to be employed is through carbon filtration, and the Blenny Nano provides a small section and Carbon to utilize this.
The Aqua medic is a system that is incredibly well designed, and at an affordable price, make the decision to start your new marine tank pretty easy. The combination off good craftsmanship on the system, with the impeccable equipment allow for novice and seasoned aquarists to maintain the system as a great visual feature with ease. I’m very pleased with my purchase of this Nano System, and I hope that this review helps make your decision easier.

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