Zeovit Guide! It's not as daunting as you've always thought.


This review was created by an Aquaristic Team Member, Charlie Brian.

During the course of my reef-keeping career, I’ve tried a few methods of keeping the best colouration and growth in various types of Stony corals. It was almost by impulse that I decided to give ZEOvit a go. Whilst ill be the first person to say that I was skeptical at first, and wasn’t sure

Zeovit healthy coral examples from customer
how effective the actual dosing system was, I’m glad to say I’ve been utterly proved wrong. Id encourage all Reef Keepers to try diverse methods to maintain your optimum reef, and when you find the one you like, stick with it, that’s what I did, and I’m very happy I did.

With ZEOvit, there are a few general rules that I like to abide by, and despite peoples opinions on the overly complicated nature of ZEOvit stemming from the large amounts of supplements and the recommend dosage that frightens people initially, its really a system that you can make as hard as you want it to be. The great thing that I love about ZEOvit is that it’s got a product for every part of any reefers tank. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the entire system to see great results, and ZEOvit dosing can be undertaken at any time during your tanks life.
Examples from customer of healthy corals using ZEOvit Before starting to use ZEOvit, a fundamental part of this dosing regime is to reduce your levels of phosphate and nitrate to what is called “Ultra Low Nutrients”. This can be done a number of ways, either by using the ZEOvit 14 day cycle, or by utilizing phosphate and nitrate absorption materials like RowaPhos and RowaCarbon, as well as regular water changes and general good husbandry. The aim of ZEOvit is to replicate exact Natural Sea Water, containing very little phosphates, nitrates and having an abundance of trace elements, which unfortunately for many people, including us in New South Wales is hard to do.  Once your nitrates are undetectable, and your phosphates are in the 0.05 to 0.0 ranges, you can begin using ZEOvit additives to target the colours and growth of corals in your tank.
                 ZEOvit products

Generally, Id recommend having a large skimmer if you plan on using ZEOvit, and skimming dry, as wet skimming can be harsh on a system, and deplete valuable additives that are going into the tank before they can make any differences to the chemical composition of the water.
If you’re going to follow an entire ZEOvit System, then id recommend reading up plenty of information of the ZEOvit forum, but here is a rough guide as to how to establish a complete ZEOvit tank.
These are porous man made rocks that absorb reef toxins of nitrate and phosphate. The zeolites are stored in a reactor, which allows passive flow to make their ability to help reduce nitrogenous wastes much more effective. Zeolites are changed out at approximately every six to eight weeks, much like activated carbon, this will depend on the levels of nutrients present in the tank.
This is a bacteria source that is used to colonize the zeolites, this bacteria allows the natural breakdown of wastes as well as the introduction of nutrients that are essential in the maintenance of a healthy reef tank.
This is a food source for your corals and bacteria, because the Zeolites rapidly remove wastes, it leaves very little nutrient import to feed the live corals and bacteria in the tanks, Zeofood is a way of importing some of this food. Other products also will aid this.
Helps in the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, which basically ‘eats’ phosphate and nitrate. Zeostart works in conjunction with zeobak (the food for the bacteria) and zeobak works in conjunction with the zeolites.

Examples of healthy coral from using ZEOvitThese products can all be used in the ZEOvit 14 day cycle, which, ill be honest about, can be a confusing subject, but with correct research and care, will ultimately give you the best results out of your ZEOvit tank. I’ve never utilized the 14 day cycle, and therefore my first hand knowledge is non existent, but I will provide a great link that does describe the benefits of this, and an explanation on how to correctly utilize it.
ZEOvit also provides us with a large amount of additives for our reef tank, and before I go into any detail about them, id like to say, that before adding anything into your tank, you should also test your water, whether it be K Balance (Potassium supplement) or Coral Vitalizer, you should always test before you!


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